When To Vote


How To Vote


2013 Political ELECTIONS


By February 6, the Consulates send to all Italian citizens listed in the AIRE registry, the official register of Italians living abroad, an envelope containing the ballots to vote in the Senate and in the Chamber of Deputies and related information and instructions.


How to vote. Exclusively with a black or blue color ball point pen put a mark on the Democratic Party logo AND write-in for senate the name of Renato Turano in the appropriate line. Mail your ballots to your consulate in the provided pre-stamped envelope. Important! The ballots must be received at your consulate by 4 p.m. local time on February 21.


If you have not received the envelope containing the ballots by February 10th, contact your consulate and ask for a duplicate.


Anyone wishing to vote but has not yet registered with AIRE should contact your consulate to fill in the appropriate form, attaching to it a copy of an identity documents, passport, or green card, or your driver's license and any utility bill to confirm your home address.








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