Renato Guerino Turano was born in Castrolibero (Calabria, Italy) in 1942. In the late 1950s he left Italy with his family and moved to Chicago, Illinois. 


Elected in April 2006 Senatore Turano Served as a Senator of the Republic of Italy representing Italian citizens of the newly formed electoral district of North and Central America, which comprises Canada, Mexico and Central America.  


Senatore Turano worked in the Parliament to address the many important issues affecting Italians living abroad. In the Senate he served on a number of committees where he worked to bring sound decisions to the laws affecting his constituency as well as all Italians. He served as member of the:


-Finance and Treasury Committee (6ª Commissione permanente, Finanze e tesoro); 


-Agriculture and food farming Committee, (9ª Commissione permanente, Agricoltura e produzione agroalimentare, in sostituzione del Vice ministro Franco Danieli);


-Committee on Infancy (Commissione parlamentare per l'infanzia) and


-Committee for the matters of Italians abroad (Comitato per le questioni degli italiani all'estero.)


Before his election Senatore Turano built an extensive career in public service for decades. He has been actively involved in the Chicago-area Italian-American community and has presided over the Columbian Club of Chicago, Calabresi in America Organization, Italian American Chamber of Commerce-Midwest and Casa Italia, and has been honored by several civic and business organizations and educational institutions, both in the U.S. and Italy.


Senatore Turano also represented the Midwest chamber on the Assocamerestero, an association of 76 Italian chambers of commerce around the world, and he has served for the last 18 years as advisor (consultore) with the Region of Calabria, representing to that administration the interests of Calabresi in the United States.


Senatore Turano is a business and civic leader who has achieved success in America by adherence to the work ethics and traditional values imparted on him by his father’s teachings and lifestyle.  He has dedicated his life to sharing that success with his fellow Italians and Americans of Italian descent.

Senatore Turano holds a Bachelor of Arts in, and a Master in Business Administration from the University Of Chicago and an Honorary Doctorate in Letters from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.


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